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  • Discover Fall/Winter Collection 2020

    Discover our collection

    The “fashion-focus” for this winter for the ECLA’ collection will focus on women’s freedom.

    This is also where the hyper-girly side of the collection emerges: these are embroideries and floral applications. In contrast with the base of the garment, ton sur ton or embellished with sequins, these elements with a romantic allure are dedicated to all women who do not want to give up a touch of high femininity in their outfits.

    And then go ahead with color, even in winter.

    And be bold, strong, decisive, vitaminic, bold like never before. Colors that stand out (such as yellow, red, orange, purple) and become a statement to wear in a total look from head to foot, including accessories.

    A masculine style in the check that has long become synonymous with a certain feminine elegance that is declined in a clear mannish look or in the use of window fabrics, check motifs (large or small) become a real textile obsession!

    The biting touch of fashion persists with its proverbial “sauvage” allure, a few jungle print pieces in the wardrobe, as a cool note in the wardrobe. It can not miss!

    But be careful: even the animal is about to change skin! If it is true that we will still find leopard-print details in the collection, the brindle becomes the undisputed ruler of the forest … pardon, of ready to wear!

    In the most comfortable winter ever of a green-green color, a coat with a high rate of comfort could not be missing. Sir, here is the teddy coat: the soft coat like a bear!