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    The company was created in 1962, thanks to the synergy of four siblings who combined their creativity in order to give life to an innovative brand, Collezioni Mirella. The story starts here: the ideas began to have a shape and the first clothes came out, following the instinct and the passion that are still winning today.

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    The four siblings began their adventure alone, with just a few contributors, and the arrive of Manrico, Manfredo’s son in the company in 1984 led the family-run business with the creation of Mirella Matteini brand.
    The work pays meticulous attention to distribution, administration and to the study of market demands, trying, with success, to expand the brand abroad. Mirella Matteini’s style is characterized by an extremely feminine urban chic mood, which is still today the strength of the company.

    Shortly after, in order to move towards an increasing market share which requires a fashionable and sophisticated product, was given life to Lei by Mirella Matteini. The collection is designed for comfortable sizes, for women with generous curves who love to feel beautiful, elegant and refined.

    Eclà is the youngest brand, it was born in 2008 with the idea of giving life to something new: a glamour line of clothes that seduces and involves, dedicated to a woman who loves to show the most feminine part of herself.

    Quality of materials, attention to the products, research of creativity and innovation, love for beauty, romance and craftsmanship, attachment to history and tradition are just a few of the values that inspire our brand. A brand that watch the future, never forgetting the past: we are a tradition open to changes.

    Right now, the three brands are the cornerstones of the company, a reality in constant growth, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion that distinguishes this family.